Production History


2019 Season

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Directed by chad thomas

This is a staged reading, with actors in blacks and music stands, of a play that is contemporary re-understanding of The Tempest. The superheroes of Fathom Town are in their submarine underneath Fathom Bay, doing a tele-thon to raise money for their production of The Tempest. In their conversations with the citizens of the town, the story of The Tempest re-emerges as their own and takes us to a new vision of an old play.

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Directed by amy guerin

Set in the 1980s, join this truly outrageous (truly truly truly outrageous) group of actors as they begin their rehearsal for The Tempest. As the magical world of the play is constructed from set pieces found in storage, costume pieces on a rack, and 1980s music from someone’s walkman, a story of love, family, and reconciliation is told.


2018 Season- Inaugural Season

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Directed by chad thomas

One of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies, our staged reading interrogated the connection between gender and power by offering a female Macbeth and a male Lady Macbeth.

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directed by amy guerin

A celebration of love, Shakespeare’s luminous, cross-dressing comedy got a contemporary makeover. Set in 2018, this was a story of love and all the trouble it gets us into--and out of--even when girls are dressed as boys, and boys are dressed in shockingly yellow pants.